Violet’s Party

violets-partyThis year Violet’s birthday landed on Mother’s Day so we killed 2 birds with 1 stone(gross idiom, huh?).  Sunday is Violet’s favorite day, she loves church. Windy Ridge is bursting at the seams with overnight guests.  My beautiful sister, Anna, is visiting with her 5 kids.violets-tea

Somewhere in the hustle and bustle I managed to dress Violet up in her silk Eventide Party Dress and pink tattoo sneakers.  I combed her hair(I did! I promise!)and clipped on the  little rose clip that I bought at my Aunt’s shop, See Sissy Sew, the day before.  The big boys hauled the table out to the lawn and mom brought the fresh lilacs and teapot.  The big girls joyfully served the little girls huckleberry lollipops, grape rock candy, blackberry frosting and all sorts of other purple.mothers-day1

Rachael’s boyfriend, Anthony, showed up while we were snapping photos so we forced him to participate. His photo was taken right after Simon tried to eat him. I was very impressed by his nonchalance, it must be that Marine training.  Me?  Not so nonchalant. I almost had a heart attack.


As you can see here, I am by far the tallest sister. I don’t care what anyone says.


Happy 3rd birthday to the little girl that calls me “mudder dear” or “sir mama”.

I love you, sweet Violet.

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  1. Oh so cute! Love the last photo… my little girl’s “tea party” birthday is on Friday so I’ll be making Lily of the Valley (her name is Lily) head wreaths for the little girls to wear and baking little things.. it’s only once a year, right?

  2. What a beautiful party! Love the last photo of Violet. Im in the process of organising my soon to be 3yo sons birthday. Not sure what to do yet but have a bit of time 🙂

  3. Jen,
    You are creating the most magical, wonderful memories for you children! I am certain at night you must sleep in Super Woman jammies!!! You alwalys know how to inspire me!

  4. How fun to have such a full house to celebrate with you. Violet looks absolutely adorable in her dress and sneakers. Happy belated birthday sweet girl!!!

  5. Precious.Simple. Classy.
    I love the photo of Rachel and Anthony. Oh! You are definatley the tallest! 😉
    I’m glad I’m not the only one who says “mudder”. heehee
    On Mother’s day I wished a “Happy Mudder’s day to all of my family and friends who are Mudder’s”.

  6. That is so precious! I love the pic of the Birthday girl sitting patiently alone at the table while her cousins are off doing their thing…girl parties are so fun:)

  7. aww….the best birthday party ever!!! Loved all the pictures:)Loved all the lilacs and tea etc.too:) You gotta be one of the best mammas out there:)

  8. Hi Jennifer,
    What a wonderful Birthday Party for Violet. Hope she remembers it, but at least she will have pictures. You are making fun memories for your children. Ilike the picture of all you girls, had to look twice to find your Mother Jean! good picture with Mt. Hood in the background. Wish I could spend more time with all of your family and your parents. Maybe some day. Love, ggmaw

  9. What an awesome party are so lucky!Love you all

  10. AWWWWWW! I have soooo happy to see this post! I could not wait to see what you did for her BDAY!!!!! She is darling!!!!!

  11. Beautiful! What a lovely day! Happy Birthday week to your lil’ Violet!

    : )

    Julie M.

  12. I LOVE the birthday photos, Jen. What a sweetheart. I just want to eat her up in that purple gown. Happy Birthday!!

  13. Happy Birthday to the violety of all violets. You’re the queen. I hope your day was wonderful.

  14. <3 lot’s of love to Violet from all of us! What a tea party! Lovely!

  15. I USED to be the tallest one out of my four sisters and me. This was so fun to read. My four year old says mother dear too. What a beautiful violet party and dress!

  16. That was fun. I agree with are a great mom!:) Keep dreamin’ about being the tallest though;) (just to make sure you all know, she was wearing heels, and I was wearing flat shoes) lol

  17. Looks like Violet had a lovely day and her party couldn’t of looked more delightful! Happy Birthday Violet!!

  18. Wow! What a beautiful party for sweet Violet! I can’t believe she’s already 3! Seems like just a few months ago I was checking in to see if you’d decided on a name for her!

  19. I love that sweet little girl. Thanks for sharing pictures. Happy Birthday, Princess Violet!

  20. oh happy birthday to your sweet violet! what a special birthday she must have had! she looks beautiful! hard to believe she is really 3! time goes by way to fast!

  21. Adorable! that was alot of fun.

  22. she is a sweet girl.
    and i’m totally stealing your idea of rock candy bouquets!!!!

  23. oh that all looks like a dream! Beautiful!

  24. Happy belated birthday to a beautiful girl.Good job Mom!

  25. Oh I am in heaven! I can’t even imagine how wonderful of a party it is! We are throwing a party for my daughter wh owill be turning 6 & we are having an outdoor tea party…I am sooo excited! We were going to get rock candy too…I LOVe how you used it! I think I need to go back & gaze at your pictures a while longer. It is pretty dreary here but these will brighten my day right up! I think I am in love with that Violet 🙂

  26. I could just cry! The Birthday Party pictures are so touching. What a great memory for all the children. Your so creative and talented. The table decorating is simply wonderful! Anthony, what a stance! Well, your almost the tallest sister. 🙂 Ahhhh, mudder dear or sir mama! LOL! Cute as can be. You made my day at the Law Firm a little easier.

  27. i want you to be my “mudder dear” and throw me a dreamy little party like that!!;) gorgeous & magical.

  28. Aw, adorable all around. Happy Birthday, sweet Violet!

  29. You’ve done it once again. Amazing writing.

  30. Very interesting post. Really..

  31.’s done it once more! Superb post!

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