The Spit Cup


This is what happened to your coffee cup Levi.

Another lovely side effect associated with hyperemesis gravidarumPtyalism.  Excessive drool.  There is one theory that the person suffering Ptyalism does not actually produce more saliva,  the person just cannot swallow it.  I am here to bust that myth.

Why,  then,  does my mouth run like a river while I am sleeping?

I cannot walk from one room to the next without spitting.  Swallowing the drool is not an option as that results in immediate vomiting.  So I carry spit cups.  I fill up many cups every day.  I sleep with a towel under my face.  If I could sell this stuff I would be a trillionaire.

Months and months of spitting every few minutes is torturous.  It almost becomes worse than the vomiting.


Violet was very concerned about the contents of the cup.  She let out a mournful “OOOOHH” when she discovered it.



My fellow slobberer

7 thoughts on “The Spit Cup

  1. That’s one I haven’t heard of. And you’ve dealt with this all 9 times? No words Jen, no words! Maybe wait until you are quite belly large and go to a local dive bar, sit on a stool next to a ‘tough guy’ chewing and shoot him a glance followed by a swift spit in your cup and then order a gingerale?

  2. lol…yes, i am still traumatized!!!!! hehe..remember standing in my wedding & pg for sabra..up there spitting the whole while?:) you poor thing!

  3. Didn’t you have a cup w/ you during Anna’s wedding? LOL, you have the funniest way of sharing your stories!

  4. That definately was not to much information!

  5. I have to agree that the “slobbering” does seem worse than vomiting. I only got that with Amara’s and Kyran’s pregnancy’s but Ughhhh!I hated it! I know your’s is probably much worse than mine was…my heart goes out to you. This will pass! Just keep remembering what’s to come:) You have eight others to remind you just how worth it,it is!:)

  6. Oh, dear! I feel your pain! I had hyperemesis when I was pregnant, too. Whomever came up with the term ‘morning sickness’ has never been pregnant before. Ugh, to say the least. I had the drool thingy, too.

    Here’s hoping your stomach settles down soon.

  7. OH no .. you poor thing !! I had HG but did not have that side effect .. just the horrible naseua and vomiting . You need some Reglan !!

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