Yesterday morn we woke up before the sun to drive our secondborn to the airport, (that is a story I will tell next), and I told Wyatt to go lay down with baby sister while we were away in case she woke up while we were gone. He didn’t retain the message in his groggy state and when I arrived back home before the sun was up I found my bed empty and Jessie Pearl curled up in her own bed with her sisters. When she woke up she started howling mournfully about my abandonment. I started to rebuke Wyatt soundly and loudly.  Jessie had compassion on her brother and stops her howling and says softly “It’s ok Mom, I went and slept with my sisters, I’m fine”.

Violet had heard her crying and carried her to bed. Jessie told them she was having nightmares and Hazel offered to hold her hand until she went back to sleep. Hazel said, “she squeezed my hand really tight and then fell back to sleep”.  Sisters are the best. Most of the time.

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