Jessie Pearl 9 Months

Jessie Pearl 9 monthsOur baby Jessie Pearl is 9 months old already. Her newest trick is waving goodbye or hello.  She loves to give big open-mouth, slobbery kisses. Surprisingly she seems to like when her 3 year old sister carries her around and plays with her. Nothing but blessing, this baby.

Jess 9 months

A Sunday stroll was serious business to this little explorer.

Jessie & Hazel

9 thoughts on “Jessie Pearl 9 Months

  1. Do they (not Jessie) dress themselves? They’re always in such lovely (though I realize hand me down) clothes. And you’re so darn skinny. I hate you! lol…where is all your sags and wrinkles? I mean, 10 kids and you look 20. It’s not fair. I’m 34 with 3 kids and I look You can probably still wear a bikini too. Sigh…

    I guess, as a mom to 3 boys, I tell them to get dressed and I get holey jeans, hoodies, camo and boots. My five year old came in the other day with his brother’s 2T windpants on and saw nothing wrong with that. He said, they’re like shorts. Dear God.

    1. They do usually dress themselves. Hazel is wearing a vintage dress with grungy leggings (which she calls underwear because she refuses to wear normal underwear), bright yellow socks she got from the surgery center and Violet’s sandals, which are several sizes too big.

      Your boys sound darling! hehe

      As for me? Ha! I have been wearing full coverage(neck to ankle)bathing suits since my 20’s LOL. And that nifty Moby wrap keep “everything” tightly wrapped;)

  2. Sweet very precious mom

  3. Jen, she has gotten SO big! Just proves that it’s been TOO long since we saw each other…when, the wedding? She is a doll and you are beautiful as always! Happy 9 months to Jesse! 🙂

  4. Lovely picture, sweet Jessie Pearl is a blessing!

  5. Beautiful Mommy . . . beautiful children. Blessings :O)

  6. Oh my gosh, nine months already? Crazy! You are looking amazing btw.

  7. You are so gorgeous, Jen!! XOXO

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