Austin & Tiara

Dear Austin,

Your story is stored deep in my heart. A story overflowing with God’s unending love and amazing grace. I will never forget the day you were miraculously placed in our lives. I knew something incredible was unfolding. That first Sunday you spent with us Levi publicly declared that you were family. We had no idea how true those words were. I pray you will never forget how much our Lord loves you and I hope you will keep drinking out of the fire hydrant.  We went through so much together as a family. We saw each other at our worst. We learned about sacrifice and the cost of true love.  We learned so much more about forgiveness and grace. We were reminded over and over that our struggle is not with flesh and blood. We were reminded over and over of the infinite power of Almighty God. I understand your suffering here. I know how hard you fight. I know that sometimes you are too exhausted to fight, but where you are, Christ is and in Him it is finished.  You are one of the strongest people I know.  Every time I think of you I remember that I believe in miracles. Never forget who you are, child of the living God.

Dear Tiara,

I will always consider you a personal gift from the Father. If only you knew the cry of my heart when your path divinely crossed with Austin’s. God went above and beyond with you and your family.  I sit in awe and wonder every time I think of it. The love of Christ shines through you and as soon as Austin told me that you sat on that dock and prayed together I knew you were the one.  I knew God was answering my prayers. And Austin’s prayers. And Levi’s prayers. You are beautiful inside and out. Not just worldly beauty, but true beauty that never fades. You are Austin’s helpmate in every sense of the word. I am thankful for your strength and grace in Christ. Every time I think of you I remember that I believe in miracles. Never forget who you are, child of the living God.

I pray you two will never give up on what God has put together.  I pray you will love and cherish each other. Always. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.  (John 16:33)

We love you.




One thought on “Austin & Tiara

  1. Lord Jesus bless your marriage…
    I’m proud of you both as a child of GOD..
    love and pray from us ..

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