Valentine's Day

heart garland

 The little girls and I made a Valentine’s garland.  We are imperfectionists so some hearts turned out to be rocket ships and butterflies.

hazel jean

Hazel had the most fun. She cut out Valentine’s from sun up to sun down. She would struggle to get the scissors to work with her little fingers and when she completed the task she she would be delighted at the surprise shapes that they ended up. Her eyes would light up as she exclaimed “it’s a hotdog!” or “it’s bracelet!”.


She had the second most fun. Taking hours to cut little paper hearts, draw portraits and inscribe all her cards with love.

violets valentine


Our Valentine projects from ideas gathered off Pinterest.


I love this idea for Valentine’s Day. Sent to me by Sandi of The Sandbucket Magazine. Excerpt from her blog:

So here’s my challenge to you.  Give nice comments to others.  Perhaps, on blogs of your friends or perhaps of people you don’t even know.  You might feel like a stalker, but in reality, those people would love to read some sweet words.  Leave a comment on a blog, Facebook page, or even send a handwritten note to a friend.  Give compliments to those you come in contact with.  The challenge is….To use your words to share some love.   Your words are powerful.

I leave you with this darling video made by Jed & Lucas and featuring my cousins. You may remember these talented guys from here.

8 thoughts on “Valentine's Day

  1. Imperfectionist’s hehe, I’m stealing that title.

  2. I can’t believe how big Hazel has gotten!!! Loves your kiddos!

    Love the idea of leaving sweet comments for others. This morning at Target there was a woman next to me in her car that looked either sick or upset. I kind of looked at her for a moment and we both got out at the same time. Turns out her car wouldn’t start and she had left her cell phone at home so we got in touch with her husband. She kept thanking me and I was thinking ‘why wouldn’t someone help another out in this situation?’ but sadly, a lot of people don’t. HUGS!

  3. Love it! What a fun way to celebrate with little girls. So cute! Have an amazing day. Hugs!

  4. Happy Sweets Day to you and your cutie-pie kiddos! Blessings, xo

  5. Om stars mom ur wonderful your amazing u just know how to make us
    have good days when were feeling down. Hazel is so cute do big I wish I was
    Up there spending this special days with my special family xoxo I love you all
    So very much

    Hugs & kisses <3precious Jewels

  6. I will leave a comment! 🙂 Just thanking you for showing the world how wonderful large families are! Your love for your children radiates through everything you do. I would love to meet you in person one day although that probably will never happen. Keep on being a fantastic woman!

  7. One of mine bites his tongue too. But so does mama, and papa and his cousins on my side…heredity. 🙂

    I try to visit a few blogs directly each week, just to leave some love for those who inspire me so much.

  8. So cute.. and you know what? I did just share some words (didn’t even read this yet!) Went to Red Robin the other night for Laban’s free b-day burger.. Our waiter was really good and I felt prompted to leave a note, so I did. Just thanked him for the great service and said God bless you.. I pray it made his night!!

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