This King Charles Cavalier pup is the newest member of the Windy Ridge clan.  Trigger, aka, Trig.  He belongs to our firstborn son, Landon. How it all came together was quite lovely. We asked, we received, and it was meant to be.

Trig spends his days running around Windy Ridge, barking fiercely at donkeys while they ignore him, and having tea parties with the little girls(whether he likes it or not). He loves Landon best and he has from the moment they met. If Landon is around, Trig doesn’t have much use for the rest of us. At night he sleeps at his Master’s feet and he will not budge until his Master is awake. Loyal little fellow.

5 thoughts on “Trig

  1. SO cute. I want a basset or a springer spaniel but until the idiot lab puppy grows up, we are so waiting.

    Is that Landon’s second dog? And 3 for the family now? Simon, the one you posted a few weeks/month ago and now Trig?

  2. Oh, Jen. Such a sweet story. I have to say, the most captivating for me was dear Hazel. She has grown and is such a beautiful little girl. XO

  3. Duh! That’s VIOLET I was speaking of!

  4. Aww thanks, Sundee! I will tell her you said so and she will feel special:))

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