Saturday projects

Get some blank canvas, 79 cent paints and brushes and have the kids create their own masterpiece. A great way to spend a Saturday.  We pulled up some favorite Monet prints online and painted our own version.  The hall will be the gallery to display their paintings.

 “Poppies” by Destiny Evelyn

Another project I started on. Curtains for the master bath. I will post more photos when they are complete.

Rose Trim Curtain Panels coming soon to eden’s bouquet.

11 thoughts on “Saturday projects

  1. Love the paintings!

  2. WOW beautiful!

  3. Wow they did awesome on their paintings!

  4. Awesome paintings!

  5. Awesome job on the paintings girls!! And the curtains look adorable!

  6. beautiful! I WANT ONE!

  7. Looks like you have some amazing artists! What a great idea, and such a learning experience too.

  8. So much talent!

  9. your kids are fantastic those are amazing

  10. Oh my gosh, do sabra and destany take art classes!? Their look awesome! Mine would look like a big glob

  11. Wow, those turned out great. Makes me want to hit the art store for canvas this weekend!

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