Saturday Morning

This is what a Saturday morning in November looks like at our house. Fire crackling.  Me and Levi sitting on the rocking chairs sipping coffee. Levi is showing Cowgirl YouTube videos on his phone of other cowbirds.  All that banging around you hear in the background is the 5 year old and 3 year old making us some biscuits and gravy.

5 thoughts on “Saturday Morning

  1. I love your blog … it makes me smile…and I am in love with your clothing line…so glad I recently found your blog 🙂 (and I found your clothing line through Pintrest, which led me to your blog…) I too live in the Pacific Northwest, but in Vancouver, Canada..

  2. Not sure if anyone’s asked but I wonder every time I see a picture of the bird.. does it make a huge mess?!

  3. I was just going to ask the same thing. What do you do about all the …. well, you know what I’m talking about. The baby is adorable. Has big dimples, just like her mama.

  4. Yes, I want to know too! How do you deal with the mess from the bird?

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