Red Carpet Premiere

Actress Emma Lyle wearing eden’s bouquet Ciel Bleu Gown, Joyfolie shoes and headband from Avoni’s Boutique

at the red carpet premiere of “I Don’t Know How She Does It” with Sarah Jessica Parker.

8 thoughts on “Red Carpet Premiere

  1. Wow, that’s cool!

  2. That’s awesome!!!

  3. So cool. I love that gown. Do you get a heads up beforehand when people are going to “wear you” on the red carpet?

  4. I bet you never tire of people sharing your creations!! You are such a rockstar Jen 😉

    Hope your icky sicky baby belly is doing better….

  5. that’s right!! go EB~!!

  6. What an honor for both you and Avoni’s Boutique! Gosh it really shows how far up the ladder you are:)

  7. That is so cool! I love it. 🙂

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