December Ocean Jessie Pearl

 Morning light, sweet baby & new camera.

Jessie at the ocean

I woke up Friday morning with a sudden urge to see the ocean. A text to Levi (to see if we were on the same page) and we were off to our favorite place in Long Beach, Washington.  Just enough time to have dinner at our favorite seaside restaurant and sit in a pristine hotel room and eat chips and candy uninterrupted. And to sleep without 4 pairs of feet in my face.  We woke up, refreshed, and headed back home. Ready to take on interruptions and little feet. So necessary.

December Beach Trip

December hotel

2 thoughts on “Ocean

  1. This looks amazing. I need a getaway like this with the hubs and babe.

  2. Pretty light in the first images! Love the one of baby sitting on the floor and the ocean one….beautiful!

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