Meet the steed

march-2009-062-web1I know I have mentioned the noble steed in previous posts, but she deserves her very own post, don’t you think? 

It all started when Levi carelessly mentioned that someday he would like a donkey.  Two years ago I surprised him with Emili for Christmas, you can read about it here.  I realized after seeing the the look on his face that he may have been merely joking about wanting a donkey.  He may have even threatened to eat her a time or two when she was making a racket with her heinous braying.

He loves her now though, we all do.   She roams free and never leaves the property.   Each morning she comes to the door with Simon looking for handouts.  She will run to to your car looking for handouts to fondly greet you when you drive up.  She loves food, all food, except lemons and limes.   She poops in piles.  Did you know this about donkeys?  I didn’t.  She is a creature of habit and loves routine.  

A day in the life of donkey:

  1. Go to the kitchen door to see if anyone has snacks
  2. scratch your rump on whatever is available
  3. hang out with Simon in the front of the house for an hour and peer in the windows
  4. scratch your rump on whatever is available
  5. make your way to the north field to graze
  6. scratch your rump on whatever is available
  7. Make your way back up to the house in the afternoon to see if the newly arrived school kids have snacks
  8. scratch your rump on whatever is available
  9. hang around the house until bedtime waiting for snacks
  10. scratch your rump on whatever is available

Simple really. The miniature donkey makes a wonderful pet.  She is so easy to care for and only needs a handful of food each day, though she tends to get more with all her begging.  You need to be careful with the food as they will founder if overfed.

7 thoughts on “Meet the steed

  1. adorable! i was just tellin mom ima havta take pictures of her in fact i think about taking pictures of her every single time i drive down your driveway and see her grazing..but of course i never get around to it..
    when i left your house today i had a few chickens a kitty and your “noble steed” trailing behind me while i was walkin to my truck 😛

  2. that is so funny! beautiful looking donkey!

  3. awww…she is so cute:) I want one!!

  4. LOL, sounds like she scratches as much as my husband.

  5. She makes me Smile

  6. SOOOO adorable…I love made me smile..she is pure sweetness!

  7. He sounds like a fun chap to have around. I’m giggling about him peeking in the windows, ahaha.

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