Meet Edna The Follower


This is Edna.  I won her for $30 at Woody’s auction.  She is wonderful for so many reasons, but mostly because she coordinates perfectly with Windy Ridge.  When describing her to Destiny I said excitedly, “she has a cream background with beige spots” stopping just short of saying she was trimmed with exquisite lace.  I may just trim her with exquisite lace, you never know.


Goats are followers.  Edna’s favorite thing to do is to follow.   She follows everyone into the house and poops on the floor.   She follows my nieces into the guest house (that is where my brother Ben and his family live).  Jace came running in the house the other day and said, “Mom, someone needs to get Edna, she climbed up the stairs to Ben’s house and she can’t get back down!”.  Oh dear.  Meg was probably thrilled.  If the humans are in the house, she follows the dog. 

Edna is also an eater.  She eats anything. She has pruned everything within a half mile radius to the ground.  She eats french fries, chicken food, apple trees & cedar siding.

But she is so sweet & always smiling.  When I see her peering in my office window it makes me happy.  YOU really should get yourself one.


I call this masterpiece “Goat Poop on the Boardwalk”.

21 thoughts on “Meet Edna The Follower

  1. Edna, I like you.

  2. hilarious.
    glad it’s you and not me;-)

  3. I have no words with this post. What an interesting life you lead. But, do you think it’s really weird that the location of the next Eden’s photo shoot is called “Old Edna’s?”. I kid you not, that is what the place is called.

  4. had a goat named rags once…he lived with us for about 3 months…then i decided i had better things to do than sweep goat droppings off of my car…i never realized how much they go to the bathroom…especially right where everyone walks…so glad you won her and not me!! ;0)

  5. LOVE IT!!!:)We would love to get goats someday again..Mom loved goats(and all animals:)So when I see the pictures of your goat I think of my dear mother:)

  6. My dear friend so wants a goat…she is cute!!!!
    Hummm I am sending this on to her…I love Edna!

  7. LOL that’s to funny… guess I’m not much of a goat person, don’t see the use of one… Marlon got rid of his, he was tired of taking care of them..

  8. Cute post. You have such a wonderful & exciting life Jen. Makes me want to move to the USA!

  9. Oh my… thank you for the laugh!
    I love goats!! 🙂 And, would love to get one for ourselves… we need one to clear our yard big time – and the kids would love one too! Hmmm… never thought of going to an auction – I was looking to rent a goat earlier this year. Do you rent Edna out? 😉

  10. oh she is so sweet! when I was little we had 3 goats..a mama and two babies, the babies were named Lily & Mayflower…don’t know why I can’t remember the mama…they were so sweet and def stubborn!

  11. LOL
    Love the ‘goat poop on the board walk’
    Too fun!

  12. she’s adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. hehe i love edna shes quite cute 🙂

  14. 🙂 Hilarious!!!

  15. Edna is too cute BUT don’t know how she would fare here in town. Also, the dog is getting old and set in his ways and would probably not appreciate sharing my leather couch with a goat! 🙂

  16. Jen, she is gorgeous, seriously…I had to laught that you won her at an auction, but honestly I am so glad you brought her to the windy ridge, she really is something sweet…now if you can just potty train her! 🙂

  17. Edna is pretty. I miss my goat from childhood. They can also be a little mischevious too! 🙂 How do all of the kids like her?

  18. Ohhhh! You’ve made me miss our Gracie (sniff!). She was our last goat…a pygmy 🙁 She lived to a ripe old age…loved her so much. She was a follower to an extent but once daycare started and there were a few babes around she wouldn’t let them out of her sight! She’d move around the house to wherever she could see the tots…if they were eating she’d be outside the dining room sliding door. If they were in the living room she’d be out those windows munching the lawn and leaves. Love goats!

  19. Haha. Cute!!

  20. Perfect work!

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