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lu·thi·er noun ˈlü-tē-ər, -thē-ər

: one who makes stringed musical instruments (as violins or guitars)

Origin of LUTHIER

French, from luth lute (from Middle French lut)

First Known Use: 1879

tims guitar collage

This work of art was handcrafted by my dad for my brother, Tim. Something my brother will treasure forever, I am sure. The meticulous attention to detail is beautiful. I walked over to their house yesterday afternoon and snapped some photos. Documenting my life and the good people and things in it.

tims guitar 3

guitar back

6 thoughts on “Luthier

  1. Oh my….absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

  2. Your dad??? WOW, Jen! You must have talent abound in your sweet family!!!

  3. The pictures are great. Thanks for a close up of that beautiful guitar you dad made. He is amazing. I saw the one on face book but wow this really shines. And thanks for the definition of Luthier which he is solidly proven to be.

  4. So gorgeous, and yes, he will treasure it! He has been dreaming of a guitar made by your dad for years! I can’t wait until he can get it home!!

  5. Wow, that’s incredible!

  6. You are so wonderfully blessed… sister was a music teacher for 34 years, I miss her everyday!!

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