Lone Coyote

brer coyoteThis fellow travels alone. We often see him ambling up the drive. Simon the Saint scares him off before he makes it to the top. Today he was following a big red dog that was dragging a leash. Anyone in North County missing a dog?


2 thoughts on “Lone Coyote

  1. So sad that they are such killers….he is quite handsome 🙂

  2. Decided to make my first comment on a coyote post. Sort of cracks me up choosing this one as I enjoy all your posts 🙂

    I have seen more and more coming out during the day! The other day my daughter and I watch one peering over an edge in a field observing a lady riding her horse in the adjoining field. I loved it.. a mix of wild vs. the curious in all living things.

    All I want to say is.. run, red doggie, run!

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