Levi & Jessie Pearl

Levi & Jessie Pearl fresh from church on this sunny Sunday.

(my baby picture on the wall)

I could try to conjure up some pretty words to tell you how much this daddy loves this baby, but I think the picture says it all.

(would you look at baby’s dimpled elbows? my goodness they are cute.)

5 thoughts on “Levi & Jessie Pearl

  1. such sweet images. I love daddy/baby pictures……so very precious!

  2. Beautiful! <3

  3. If people buying regarding looks they are nice. I paid for them for my spouse and your sweetheart loves individuals. Audio wise they are not the best but continues to better as compared with those bright white earbuds. They equally get really loud. Will distress your hearing after some hours though.

  4. Sweet Daddy & Baby photo.
    Not to get off track….I was just watching the video of cowbird watching videos and thought to tell you that she needs her nails trimmed. You can do them with cuticle clippers. Just be sure not too cut the quick, just like a dogs. You will have to do this for her periodically since she isn’t out in the wild wearing them down herself. 🙂

  5. Good stuff on your last posts, Jen. Hope all is well with those you love and that the Lord is giving you all you need to fill all the roles you have:)

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