Jessie Pearl

Tonight a magical and bittersweet thing will happen. I will put a four year old girl to bed and when the clock strikes midnight she will disappear and be replaced by a five year old girl. It seems like just yesterday that I introduced her to you guys, here.

Jessie Pearl has big plans for her fifth birthday that center around a long-anticipated trip to McDonalds for some fine dining. She wants to go shopping at the ocean shops and ride the miracle-round at the beach carnival. And then ice-cream. And then a party at aunt Anna’s. Then Chico’s pizza for the quarter machines. The list goes on and on because with an almost-five year old anything is possible. We can’t wait for tomorrow to come. As Jessie likes to say, “let’s do this thing”.

3 thoughts on “Jessie Pearl

  1. Happy Birthday Jessie-Pear, I hope your day is all you dream it will be x

    1. ** Jessie-Pearl x

  2. Happy Birthday, Jessie! I hope you get to do all your list of things!

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