Headband Curls

I had posted a before and after photo of headband curls on facebook and instagram and promised a requested tutorial. So here it is. Hazel with her wet snarls and self-chopped bangs is the star of this show. I didn’t realize she was making faces until later.  Made me laugh.

Headband curls: seriously the easiest, quickest, and healthiest curls, ever.  It takes about 1 minute to wrap hair in the headband.  These work best with damp hair (not sopping wet).  I usually put them in after I wash my hair and keep them in overnight. After I take the headband out I just comb through curls and slather them with anti-frizz.  Tame wild curls with iron if needed. Sabra has shorter hair so she starts on one side and wraps them all the way around on side, ending on the opposite side. I have longer hair so I find it easier to start in the middle and wrap each side in toward the back of my head. Does that even make a lick of sense?

headband curls