Gutrid, Stew & Flank

I found this video from last summer. Our funny girls performing with a broomstick and lighter microphone.  Sabra lip syncing to Cambree’s voice.  They have been practicing this song for real with the piano and booked their first gig at a nursing home.

Schoolmates: Do me a favor, would you? If you see them, ask them for their autograph.

(and call them by their made-up names)

2 thoughts on “Gutrid, Stew & Flank

  1. O.k. this girl seriously has a great voice!!! Save this for when she makes it big! WOW!!

  2. Jennifer Stenersen! i can not believe you put that on the internet! no i’m just kidding, i never thought you knew about that. we are such dorks! 🙂

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