Guard dog

Each morning Simon plants himself on the front patio and keeps watch over Windy Ridge.   He just sits for hours and watches.   In the distance you can see the noble steed grazing the north field.  Technically you probably couldn’t call our female donkey a steed, but everytime I see her scratching her butt on the chicken coop I can’t help but think, what a noble steed!


12 thoughts on “Guard dog

  1. LOL, you are just to funny…love reading your blog!!

  2. never fail to make me smile!!:)… Your place is so pretty!!

  3. Everytime you post a picture of the Windy Ridge it leaves me with such a calm feeling. What an absolutely stunning place to call home!

  4. Have you trained Simon to bring you a spit cup, instead of a barrel 🙂 .. Looking at his profile, I am believing he is a St Bernard.
    Beautiful view.
    glad you are doing well.

  5. oh, i love big dogs. He looks so at peace.

  6. oh my gosh you have a saint! We have a saint too he does the same thing! Loves to site and watch! Beautiful pictures!

  7. That is a view I could wake up to…and I am NOT talking about the donkey scratching his butt.

  8. dang it what a good lookin’ doggy
    hoping to whip up that meatball veggie soup this weekend

  9. oh how beautiful .. in my country St Bernards were depicted with a little barrel of rum around their neck .. they were used in the mountains to help looking for stray people who might have frozen in the snow LOL (I believe the rum was suppose to warm them up 😀 )

    do they slobber as much as boxer? I can only imagine our boxer sitting quietly for hours … the moment we see him in the position similar to image 1 here .. he most likely is almost gone as he spotted something in the bush 😀

  10. how sweet is this?? I want to come live with you!! I cracked up at the visual of your little donkey scratching her hind quarters!!! LOL

  11. […] fellow travels alone. We often see him ambling up the drive. Simon the Saint scares him off before he makes it to the top. Today he was following a big red dog that was […]

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