Frozen Wonderland

Frozen Wonderland

Our world is cloaked in ice crystals, making Windy Ridge a frozen wonderland.

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A perfect day to stay inside and roller skate.

6 thoughts on “Frozen Wonderland

  1. Absolutely beautiful! 🙂

  2. How.precious mom we skate in of.Levi and.Jennifer stestenersens lol I loveyou all<3

  3. roller skating & a fire. perfect 🙂
    here in Vancouver, today was snow snow snow – it was an indoor day here too, not enough snow for a snowman, but enough to make driving crazy 😉

  4. what exquisite art work…what a mom

  5. Roller skating inside! I would lose my mind (and find holes in all the walls). The car Rhett got for Christmas is driving me nuts.

    Its rainy and blah here. Day 3. Possibly 2 more days to go. While I don’t usually mind it, its also warm and muggy and just weird. Blah. I should go buy myself some fake sunflowers to perk this place up. 🙂

    1. That’s the beauty of wood walls!
      (Not that they don’t drive me crazy)
      Upstairs has Sheetrock and already has 2 large holes. The first happened shortly after we moved in–boys wrestling and went through the wall. The second happened last week–boys wrestling and went through the wall.

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