Fried Apple Rings

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I was in the middle of deep-frying supper (yeah, we are health nuts) and Levi was slicing apples to dehydrate and suddenly we had the brilliant idea to deep fry the apples. Giddy with the possibilites of this new invention, we mixed up some Krusteaz pancake batter, dumped in some cinnamon and sugar, dipped the fresh apple rings and fried. We let drain on paper towels and sprinkled with liberal amounts of the cinnamon and sugar.  Oh my! In seconds we had a delicious, fresh apple pie.  We called the family that live across the woods so that we could share this bit of yummy genius. They came. We ate every last one while reminding ourselves that it was a good thing that I accidentally added salt instead of sugar to the fresh whipped cream or this dessert might have been fattening.

(a quick internet search found that we are not the only brilliant people that thought of this and deep fried apple rings have been around for ages)