December's Last Days

December mountain

Photos from my camera of the last days of December.  Mostly landscape because I was trying out my new zoom lens.  The view has been spectacular with the sun sparkling on the frost and snow.

December chicken coop

 The chicken coop in the background makes this photo.

December mountain at night

St. Helens, in the evening glow, perched among the frosted foothills. Enchanting.

December moon

A big December moon was hanging in the black sky on our way back from Ma & Pa’s.  My longsuffering husband stopped the truck, full of weary children, long enough for me to snap a photo.

3 thoughts on “December's Last Days

  1. Beautiful!

  2. So pretty.. looks like you are getting the hang of your new camera!

  3. Beautiful pictures, that is how I remember Mt. St. Helens, in all her majesty…..miss it.

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