Dear Denise,





Hazel wearing her Cloud Dress, Linen Bloomer & Matilda Jane Socks.

Dear mothers of little girls,

If you don’t own Matilda Jane Clothing, you must find a trunk keeper! 


Mother of 4 little girls

88 thoughts on “Dear Denise,

  1. What fun! Happy new outfits!

    : )

    Julie M.

  2. The girls are so gorgeous!!! My two favorite brands are Eden’s Bouquet and Matilda Jane, they pair wonderfully together.

  3. We love M.J. at our house! I have already had a trunk show and have been to a trunk show in the past two weeks. Needless to say, we own just about every item from Gypsy Blue AND Sparkletown. heehee!
    Don’t you just LOVE the victorian lace socks??! They go so well with many of our precious things too. 🙂

  4. I meant to say “they go so well with many of YOUR precious things.” My “Y” is sticky. lol

  5. awww…..LOVE them!! SOO cute:)

  6. I simply adore Matilda Jane clothing!

  7. So cute!!!!

  8. Gorgeous girls and beautiful MJC!!

  9. Oh my gosh, the knee socks on Hazel. TO DIE FOR cute!
    Love some MJ here!

  10. I love Matilda Jane. MY baby wears her ruffled EB leggings under the MJ dresses.

  11. Oh my goodness! That is so strange to have you posting about Matilda Jane. It’s like an odd juxtaposition of two of my favorite designers! Am I in a clothing Twilight Zone? I have to admit, I have mixed and matched the two brands and have come up with some very fun outfits. You are both amazing!

  12. Well Jen its a sad day over here..I forced Ella into the gown and fur coat she wore for your will be its last day it is worn …I told the girls its now an heirloom piece…it is a sad day indeed…thanks for such a great memory!!! luv ya stephanie

  13. oh good lord
    they are so cute
    i LOVE matilda jane
    in fact, i really need some matilda jane

    your girls are gorgeous
    the canvas of hazel is gorgeous
    the birth announcements are gorgeous
    ( just a little behind in some of my blog reads)

  14. oh, why oh why do you do this to me!! ;0) I’m trying to be brave! Absolutely gorgeous..maybe I could come work for clothes…do you need a goat milker?!? ;0)

  15. Adorable…

  16. Matilda Jane is genius for sure!

  17. Love Matilda Jane!!

  18. Love the pics. I agree MJ is awesome. The Gypsy Blue was my favorite this year!

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