Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve 1


This is what Christmas Eve looked like at our house. Happy Chaos, as always.  The men and children decided that there was nothing they would like better than Pizza Hut, so that is what they ate while the ladies prepared a simple yet gourmet Italian meal. It was wonderful.

After dinner we sang Christmas carols while Sabra played them on piano. My darling Levi sang Silent Night in German because I printed his lyrics in German. He is such a good sport and highly entertaining.

Lastly, but not leastly, we exhanged our “handmade with love” baskets. Or did we sing lastly? I can’t remember, but it was fun no matter the order.

We wandered up the stairs to bed around midnight, leaving the happy mess in place.

Christmas Eve 2


Christmas Eve 3

4 thoughts on “Christmas Eve

  1. Love the pictures as usual and yes, it was a lot of fun! I really enjoyed our meal.. 🙂

  2. I love it mom very precious wish i coulf
    Of been there to join you and the family
    Love you and god bless

  3. Family time is the best time :O) Hope you had a beautiful Christmas with your beautiful family . . . Blessings

  4. Wow! Beautiful family! You guys must have a reputation for being the most beautiful in your zip code – whew.

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