Chicken Little

spring chickenWhen I was a little girl I loved to watch our mother hens with their chicks, gathering, clucking & tenderly tucking them under the wing. Unfortunately the Windy Ridge hens aren’t the motherly sort so we took matters into our own hands. ¬†Spencer and the little girls gathered up the eggs and put them in the incubator and then we watched and waited. What a splendid morning it was three weeks later when we heard chirping and watched one little chicken peck her way into the world.

chicken littleNow Chicken Little is the queen of the roost. She almost had a friend when another egg starting peeping. They cheeped back & forth to each other and I stayed up with Riley & Jace until 1 am cheering it on and eating popcorn, but, alas, a sad moment when it suddenly died.

chicken on trikeAt Windy Ridge it’s not unusual to see a 3 year old girl with a chicken on her head or riding along on her pink tricycle.

Quite commonplace, actually.

Hazel and chicken

4 thoughts on “Chicken Little

  1. My girls are so wishing they were there!!!

  2. So cute! We had a chick hatch once that we didn’t even know about. One morning the kids went out to do the chores and came running in to tell about it. I named her/him Crackers (why, I don’t know).. He didn’t make it to adulthood tho, but we did enjoy having a little chick around.

  3. I just read this story to my Michelle for bed time, she so loved it and the pictures too! And she thinks your kids are so lucky for having chickens. “Mom, tell the lady we want to go visit her, please!” Haha

  4. Cute!!!!!

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