Autumn Festival


Our 3rd annual festival. It doesn’t seem right to call it a pumpkin festival this year as Wyatt was the only kid with a pumpkin.  Instead  of pumpkin carving we made woodland crowns and treasure boxes. Click here for directions.  The children took baskets outside and gathered earthen treasures for their projects.  Edna followed.


My house is now a sticky mess of hot chocolate, pine needles and hot glue, but worth it.  In the evening we had a soup & bread potluck.  We got this idea from my beautiful cousin Stephanie over at Whispering Creek House.  A hot meal contained in one pot, can’t beat it.



You can read about the 1st & 2nd annual festivals here and here.

9 thoughts on “Autumn Festival

  1. Oh my cuteness!! You make me long for a house full of family to do fun crafts with!! Thanks for the autumn activities inspiration!!

  2. What a beautiful festive day!

  3. Awesome!!! I love it all!

  4. Jen what a wonderful day you had! I love your kids creations! How lovely! We really need to do this together someday! I think it is so good for the family and the kids to build such great memories! Thank you for the nice things you have said it means so very much! Your such a sweetie! With love and prayers for you this coming year! Can you believe October has come and almost gone again?

  5. Oh how fun:) We are going to be trying to do our annual Fall Party this next weekend…we have done it every year for sarted it way back when we all just had a few is lonely each year without moms joy tho…

  6. what a wonderful tradition!! love all the little details and Edna’s crown..SO cute!!!!!

  7. Gorgeous – We had a harvest festival at my brother’s this weekend. Pumpkin carving, hayrides, a bonfire, and Tequila!! Ole!

  8. Oh so fun!!! The cupcakes look familiar, did you get the recipe from Taste of Home??

  9. Simply beautiful children! How fun. =)

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